First time to KNOXX

First time to KNOXX

Nervous? Intimidated? Please, don’t be.

If you’re still having doubts, come try a class for free and meet our amazing staff as well as our great community of KNOXX members. Our community of KNOXX members varies from professional athletes to new mothers just trying to work off the baby weight. We’ve built a community comprised of a wide range of fitness levels, each with different fitness goals, and an overall welcoming environment.


When to Arrive:

stock-photo-6033680-stopwatchPlease arrive 15 minutes early so our staff can give you a tour around the KNOXX studio, get you fitted for the air bike, and show you the equipment layout.




What to Bring:

  • stock-photo-12962176-green-water-bottleBottle of Water/Gatorade (Also Available at Front Desk)
  • Towel
  • Change of Clothing
  • Indoor Wrestling/Training Shoes
  • Boxing/MMA Gloves and Handwraps (if taking boxing/kickboxing classes)




What to Wear:


  • Dry Fit Shirt or Comfortable Shirt or Tank Top
  • Lightweight Shorts, Yoga Pants or Running Pants
  • Cross-Training Shoes
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