Too Busy?

It’s not about having the time, it’s about making the time. We’ve just made it easier for you.



Our longest workout is 35 minutes of fat burning, heart pounding, muscle building interval cardio training catered to fit your busy schedule.



CMC_1637The KNOXX Workout Routine:bike

1 Minute Exercise X 15

1 Minute Air Bike X 15

= 30 Minutes

The KNOXX workout is a 1 minute dash on the air bike, then a 1 minute exercise ranging from kettle bell workouts, TRX suspension training to body weight exercises. Repeat this for 30 rounds with a 10 second recovery time in between each round as you switch from the air bike to the exercise.



End Result

Several things that will set you apart from the average person you pass on the street, the person you sit across from at the office or even play pickup basketball games with is your D.A.S.H-ing results.  During each D.A.S.H workout, you are not only building up your stamina, strength, energy and physical appearance, but you are also reinventing a healthier, more confident you.


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