About Us

What is Knoxx Martial Arts and Fitness

We’re not Crossfit or Spinning. We are the best of both worlds, without the high ratio of injury that people encounter with Crossfit and with more excitement than you get with spinning. What we are is an intense 35 minute interval training studio that will build muscle while strengthen your heart and lungs with a cardio experience that can’t be matched.

How it All Came About

In 2004, a team of world class professional UFC, Strikeforce and MMA fighters dipped into their extensive wrestling backgrounds and took one piece of equipment along on their journey, the Airdyne bike! This bike assisted in leading this team of highly ranked fighters to the top of their fighting careers and enabled them to reach a whole new level of cardio and muscle endurance in their competitions. This team of fighters shaped a 35 minute workout around the Airdyne bike with intervals of sport specific drills and exercises to help increase their cardio and muscle endurance, while still focusing on the technique.


Josh Thomson-UFC-on-FOX-7

One of the leaders and original fighters who helped develop this workout system is  Josh Thomson, former Strikeforce world champion and current ranked UFC fighter. His vision is to introduce this workout to every one of all fitness levels.  After creating and growing one of the most successful boot camps in the Bay Area, which found him on the cover of max muscle magazine, he decided to devote himself to helping others set new heights for their fitness goals.

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